Comfort 120 Cocoa Pop

High quality chair Bean Bag

79.99 89.99
Offer valid till 31.07.2020.


  • Most popular beanbag design, what allow the granules inside fully adapt to the body shape and position. You can make any pose you want and enjoy your time with comfort and safety.
  • This model allows a user to lay on the stomach or on the back and play favorite games or watch TV shows.
  • This beanbag provides maximum comfort for any size of the body. Due to its size, this model also provides support for elbows as well as for a head. A special handle made from fabric helps to move around it and even to hang on a wall as an effective solution for storage if it is out of use. Enjoy all benefits of this model!
  • It is made of high-quality materials, filled with high durability and high- density polystyrene beads.

    Made in Latvia.